"Abbott Elementary" Writer Brittani Nichols Told Us What It's Really Like To Work On The Show, And It Sounds Pretty Cool

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Abbott Elementary is already being named one of the greatest sitcoms in TV history. Quinta Brunson's Emmy Award-winning mockumentary series is often highlighted for its amazing casting and relatable storylines, but what makes the show truly stand out is its writing.In honor of the show's success and the Season 2 finale airing tonight, I sat down with Brittani Nichols — a producer-level writer on Abbott Elementary — to learn more about the ins and outs of bringing each episode to life, the most challenging character to write for on the show, her history with Quinta, and so much more.Oh, and did I mention she wrote Season 2's final episode "Franklin Institute"?Laughing!

Watching other stuff and just thinking I was like so funny and so sharp. It's so weird. I think, truly, just being a fan of other people is what made me want to be a writer.I think it really helped position me as a good straight man, ironically enough.

That's the correct term I should be using. Because I think I just am always in the position of noticing the weird thing that's happening before anyone else, because I carry myself in such a way that I sort of have to be on the lookout for a weird thing happening for safety reasons.

I think that just bled over into comedy where it's like in an improv scene, or in a real written scene, where someone is just saying something that feels a little off, or is trying to hide something, or cover something up.

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