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Far-Right Judge Under Fire for Failing to Disclose Interviews on Civil Rights – but LGBTQ Community Had Warned Senators

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U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, the Trump-appointee who has drawn nationwide attention – and condemnation – for suspending the FDA’s decades-old approval of a commonly-used abortion pill, mifepristone, is under fire once again, this time for failing to reveal during his confirmation process interviews he gave to right-wing Christian talk radio shows during which he shared his hard-right views on issues including same-sex marriage and contraception.

Nominees for federal judgeships are required to disclose during the confirmation process every public and published remark, “including copies of nearly everything they have ever written or said in public,” notes CNN, breaking this latest development on Kacsmaryk. “In undisclosed radio interviews,” CNN reported, “Matthew Kacsmaryk referred to being gay as ‘a lifestyle’ and expressed concerns that new norms for ‘people who experience same-sex attraction’ would lead to clashes with religious institutions, calling it the latest in a change in sexual norms that began with ‘no-fault divorce’ and ‘permissive policies on contraception.'” Kacsmaryk “made the unreported comments in two appearances in 2014 on Chosen Generation, a radio show that offers ‘a biblical constitutional worldview.’ At the time, Kacsmaryk was deputy general counsel at First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit religious liberty advocacy group known before 2016 as the Liberty Institute, and was brought on to the radio show to discuss ‘the homosexual agenda’ to silence churches and religious liberty, according to the show’s host.” READ MORE: Judge Smacks Down Trump in Scathing Memo: Show Up for Trial or Don’t, but Don’t Try to Blame Anything on the Court CNN also aired a portion of one of the radio interviews

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