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Loosey LaDuca on memes, tools, and why letting loose with emotion on ‘Drag Race’ paid off

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don’t call her “not real.”All season long on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Loosey LaDuca gave us nothing but real: Real emotion, real drama, real star-power, and real good reality television.And though she sashays away from the competition just shy of the Top 4, Loosey has no doubt left her mark on Drag Race and the internet at large—seriously, have you been on Twitter lately?

Her single “Let Loose” is everywhere!After her fiery exit, Queerty jumped at the chance to chat with the queen for the latest installment of The Chop Shop.

In our conversation, Loosey dives into her signature song’s journey from talent show hiccup to viral sensation, spills the tea on the strangest drag gig she’s over done, and shares how her construction work has made her a better queen.A post shared by Loosey LaDuca (@looseyladuca)First of all, we’ve been dying to ask you: You’re holding it together baby, what’s the use?[Laughs.] Oh, you know, the song that has taken the world by storm… two months after I released!But, seriously, “Let Loose” really has had this delayed runaway success, and it seemingly happened over night.

When did you first realize, like, “Whoa, wait a minute, this is becoming a thing”?There was sort of rumblings—I was stationed on my couch for a week because I had COVID, and my phone just started going nuts.

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