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So, what is Omar Apollo’s new track “Pedro” all about?

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Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo bromance seemingly came out of nowhere. For years months, the self-appointed keepers of pop-culture on Gay Twitter X scratched their heads in confusion, desperate for the lore behind (and nature of) the singer-songwriter and Mandalorian actor’s kinship.Well, today, we have an answer.

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Hold me with a magnitude That takes me to a better view”Track 13, “Pedro”, on my album God Said NoWe begin our search with Apollo’s sophomore album God Said No, which dropped today and includes a collaboration with Pascal, simply titled “Pedro.” The melancholic tune clocks in just under two and a half minutes, beginning with a synth-drenched verse by Apollo.Listen.Evoking the sounds of heaven, the “Evergreen” singer first wonders aloud, “If meadows was a man / Would you trade me for your land?” Then, with perhaps a hint of innuendo, he adds, “If I could get the chance / Would you train me with your hands?”Next, a wistful instrumental comes in, and Pascal begins to emotionally recount a low point in his life.“I’m not sure how to start this,” he begins, painting a picture of a moment during “second-wave COVID ” when he was in between jobs and traveling between Budapest and Switzerland.“I’d had an incredible time on a job, but my heart was, uh, pretty shattered by something,” he goes on to explain, revealing the pain literally brought him to his knees near a park in a residential area.“I remember asking the park bench to come alive and save me, ’cause I didn’t feel like there was kind of any moment past that moment,” he admits, adding, “But there was … I can’t believe I’m sending you this.”I held this close for a year, now it’s yours. ‘God Said No’ #GODSAIDNO #OMARAPOLLO fact that Pascal would share such a candid moment with Apollo, let alone.

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