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The Homosexual Tendencies of Darren Hayes

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Affirmation, the band’s second album, and it proved to be just as musically delicious as the first.The follow-up CD landed in music stores at the end of 1999.

To date, the two albums have sold a combined total of approximately 23 million copies worldwide.And then, just like that, it was over.

After only two albums, Savage Garden disappeared.Darren Hayes continued to release music on his own, starting with 2002’s Spin and continuing, most recently, to his celebrated and direct Homosexual, released in October 2022.“Homosexual,” wrote Metro Weekly music critic Sean Maunier in his 4-Star review, “is not only a celebration of identity and freedom, it feels like Darren Hayes at his most free and unencumbered as an artist….

The proud, endearing gayness of Homosexual feels like a refreshing middle finger to a self-congratulatory entertainment industry complex that still has a lot more catching up to do than it lets on.“Hayes is well aware he is far from the first artist to reclaim a word used as a slut against him,” continues Maunier, “but in his capable hands, the album succeeds beautifully as a full-throated celebration of what it means to him to be a raging homosexual.”Hayes, 50, was finishing up his first tour in 15 years when we spoke over Zoom.“I feel like I’ve known you for a while,” Hayes says with a warm smile.

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