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World Athletics Hits Back at Claims Over Transgender Competitors

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claims made by a transgender rights organization regarding the banning of trans athletes from women's events.The athletics governing body said that LGBTQ+ rights group Athlete Ally made "a number of problematic statements" in comments to Newsweek following the decision by World Athletics to ban transgender athletes from taking part in elite women's competitions.The issue of transgender athletes came to the fore after swimmer Lia Thomas stormed to victory in the women's 500m freestyle NCAA swimming championships.

Thomas, who had previously competed as a man, beat an Olympic silver medalist into second place in the women's event.Since then, questions have been raised about whether male-to-female transgender athletes have an advantage over women athletes, as trans women could have higher testosterone levels and greater size and strength gained after going through male puberty.Last month, World Athletics made the decision to ban transgender athletes born as males from competing in elite women's events.The organization told Newsweek in an email: "As of 31 March 2023, they are not eligible to compete in the elite female category if they have experienced any part of male puberty either beyond Tanner Stage 2 or after age 12—whichever comes first."Former college wrestling coach, Hudson Taylor, the founder and executive director of Athlete Ally, subsequently claimed that World Athletics had succumbed "to political pressure" in making the decision but the athletics governing body has dismissed the accusation.World Athletics told Newsweek: "We went through a comprehensive consultation process which made it clear that our stakeholders believed there was insufficient evidence that transwomen did not retain advantage over biological.

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