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Starbucks Accused of 'Going Full Bud Light' as Backlash Grows Over New Ad

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transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a personalized beer can in early April to commemorate 365 days of being a woman. Mulvaney's Days of Girlhood video series, which charts her first year of transitioning, has been a viral success.The partnership drew condemnation from a number of right-leaning social media users, who issued calls for a boycott.

There have since been reports of plummeting Bud Light sales.Starbucks India is now facing a similar backlash due to an ad shared on the company's Twitter account.

The clip showed a mother and father meeting with their adult transgender daughter at a Starbucks store. The father had not seen his daughter since her transition.While the father was depicted as struggling with his daughter's transition, he got up to order beverages.

The clip ended with the barista announcing that the drink order was ready for "Arpita," the female equivalent of their child's pre-transition name, indicating that he was accepting his daughter for who she is."For me, you are still my kid.

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