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5 tips for talking to disabled people on dating apps (It’s easier than you think!)

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Let’s face it: For many people in the LGBTQ community, dating apps are a necessary evil. Necessary in that they make it easier to meet others around you, but evil in that they are are often a breeding (and not in a good way) ground for superficiality, so-called “preferences” that are almost always low key forms of racism, and ghosting.

In other words, dating apps are basically the holy trinity of everything that is wrong with society, and yet, nearly everyone uses them, including people (like me!) who are disabled.

For many disabled folk, dating apps can be a godsend. They allow us a chance to talk to people who, quite frankly, may not give us a second glance IRL (unless of course they are staring at us, but it’s usually not for the reason we want them to stare).

It’s harsh, but true. So how can non-disabled people go about talking to folks who are disabled on apps without making a complete asshat of themselves?

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