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A parent’s bill of rights for the rest of us

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There’s no question that parenting has gotten harder in this country. Gun violence is now the leading killer of children in this country, a brutal fact made clearer with each new school shooting.

Child care is out of reach for many parents while the rising cost of college clouds the future for their kids. For many reasons, parents worry their kids’ lives will be more difficult than their own.

But if you ask the GOP and its shadowy network of far-right funders, what parents really want are vicious laws that attack LGBTQ kids, criminalize parents and doctors for providing medically necessary care, censor teachers and librarians and allow the unrestricted proliferation of firearms.

House Republicans just passed an obscenely named “Parents Bill of Rights” that would ban books, restrict the gender and sexual identities of students, and allow a vocal minority of parents to impose their religious beliefs on the school curricula and budgets that everyone relies on.

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