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Violence Is Not Free Speech | Opinion

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tried to shut down the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's (ISI) debate between Michael Knowles and Brad Polumbo (who stepped in after Cato's Deirdre McCloskey backed out) on the resolution: "Should Transgenderism be Regulated by Law?"When we arrived, there were over 175 protesters surrounding the building where the debate was staged to take place.

These protestors were chanting "F*** You Fascists" and burning an image of Michael Knowles in effigy. There were reports of multiple fires on the streets.

According to the ISI student leader on campus, Dylan Mitchell, protestors lit fireworks and smoke bombs and threw them at students trying to enter the event.

As the violence spread, local police declared a public safety emergency and shut down much of the campus. In the debate room, a protestor had snuck in before the event and intentionally vomited on the floor.As I took the stage to give opening remarks, an explosion hit the outside of the building.

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