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Internet Divided After House Passes Trans Athlete Ban

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transgender women and girls from participating in athletic programs for women has moved a step closer after the House of Representatives approved legislation on Thursday.The bill was approved as members voted along party lines, leaving it 219 to 203 in support of banning transgender athletes from competing in women's competitions.While it may not get past the Democratic-controlled Senate, with the White House saying that President Biden would veto the bill himself, the approval has divided the internet with many siding with the Republicans' push to restrict transgender rights.Representative Aaron Bean, a Republican of Florida, said when debating the bill: "We're in a battle for the very survival of women's sports.

Not everybody has gone off the deep end."Representative John W. Rose, a Republican of Tennessee, argued that it was a straightforward issue, stating: "Biological males ought to compete against biological males, and biological females ought to compete against biological females.

Most Tennesseans consider this to be common sense."Democrats have described the bill as "insidious" and "hateful" and Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat of Washington, whose daughter is transgender, said: "These bills tell some of the most vulnerable children in our country that they do not belong.

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