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Rock opera on wheels

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The Genesis G90, Motor Trend’s car of the year, is a $100K fusion of rock and opera Following his band’s iconic performance during Live Aid at London’s Wembley Stadium, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury had an idea: He wanted to perform a concert in Barcelona with Montserrat Caballe, one of the world’s premiere opera singers.

Barcelona-born Caballe was an unlikely duet partner for flamboyant Zanzibar-born Mercury, but this welding of rock and opera made magic.

Transfer that ethos to four wheels and you have the Genesis G90, a Korean car born to rock traditional players from Germany and Japan.

Genesis’ enormous cross-hatch grille is flanked by twin strips of LED headlamps extending into the front fenders, but its most enchanting elements are the gently rear-sloping beltline and upwardly angled windowline that give a sense of motion with contemporary formality.

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