Couple Panned for Ban of Groom's Gay Stepdad From 'Non-Ideological Wedding'

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couple is facing criticism for refusing to let the groom's dad bring his husband because they want the wedding to be "non-ideological."Writing for the popular Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, stylized AITA, u/Stuckinthebone earned over 4,500 upvotes and 600 comments for his post, "AITA for telling my son to cancel his wedding?"The original poster (OP) said that he's a 49-year-old gay man, though when he was in the 20s, he was in the closet.

When he was 24, he slept with a woman and got her pregnant, and they had a son, now 25. Though u/Stuckinthebone never married his son's mother, they raised their child together and are very close friends.Eleven years later, u/Stuckinthebone met his now-husband, and says his son considers him his stepdad, and his son's mom adores him as well, joking about him being "her gay best friend."Now, his son is preparing to be married.

OP got the invitation, but it was for just him; he assumed his husband would get his own, but that didn't happen. He called up his son's mother, and she confirmed that she not only got an invitation, but hers came with a plus-one for her husband.At a dinner with his son and fiancée two days ago, he asked the couple about the missing invite for u/Stuckinthebone's husband."My son got a bit embarassed and said that they aren't really inviting stepparents, just their parents," he wrote.The OP said that was fine, but that his mom's husband was invited, so that was a little odd."His fiancee then said that they would just prefer to have a "non ideological wedding".

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