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Resource Center’s early years

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A fire, above, destroyed the AIDS Resource Center offices in February 1989. The agency was founded by lesbians and gays because no one else was going to help during the AIDS epidemic DAVID TAFFET | Senior Staff As Resource Center celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, kicking off the festivities with Toast to Life on April 1 at The Empire Room, it seems a perfect time to take a look back at when and how and why the agency began.

Today, Resource Center is well known and well respected not just in the LGBTQ community but across North Texas and even around the U.S.

But 40 years ago, it started out as a band of angry, determined and compassionate lesbians and gay men willing to do whatever they had to do to fight AIDS and help its victims and, along the way, fight for LGBTQ equality, as well.

Resource Center started as the offspring of what was then known as Dallas Gay Alliance, which had gotten its start about 10 years earlier in response to the threat posed by anti-LGBTQ extremist Anita Bryant.

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