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Dyllón Burnside & Danny Lee Wynter spotlight queer identity, love & friendships in ‘BLACK SUPERHERO’

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BLACK SUPERHERO is the debut play from Olivier-award nominated actor Danny Lee Wynter.Wynter plays the protagonist, David, a gay man who still finds himself single as he’s approaching 40.

He has a supportive group of queer friends, but his career and love life are not going in the direction he wants. The big roles aren’t coming, and he’s harboring a long-running crush on King (Dyllón Burnside), a stunningly beautiful pal who’s found fame as the lead in a superhero movie franchise.One night, King and David finally end up in bed together.

King is now in an open relationship and open to the idea of being f*ck-buddies with his infatuated friend.King invites David to join him at the tail end of a press tour to Australia, promising him it will be fun.Of course, rather than the romance-filled getaway David pines for, the Australia trip ends up a drunken, drug-fuelled mess of crossed wires and miscommunication.David finds himself forced to take a hard look at where he is in life.

Can he make peace with the trauma of his past?In Wynter’s own words, “I wanted to write a big, epic story that asks difficult questions about who and where we are.

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