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Peter Thiel's Kept Lover's Death Investigated As A Suicide + Out Hockey Player Decries Pride Night Erosion + RIP Darcelle XV + MORE — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: He was a link to Hollywood's history, and a long-surviving physique legend. BELOW: Keep reading for Peter Thiel's kept boy's death, Uganda going anti-LGBTQ (again), Tiger duds and more ...

Dying to be accepted? (Image via Instagram) THE INTERCEPT: A few days back, news broke of the tragic death of 35-year-old gay influencer Jeff Thomas.

I didn't pay close attention to who he was, but comes word he was the kept boy — for lack of a better phrase — of the odious Peter Thiel.

But as The Intercept points out, Thomas had given interviews confirming he was liberal and had tried (apparently not very successfully) to persuade Thiel to extract himself from right-wing politics.

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