Exclusive: BenDeLaCreme says Drag Race fans will have their “itches scratched” by new tour

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BenDeLaCreme spoke to GAY TIMES about how her Ready to Be Committed tour will leave Drag Race fans feeling very satisfied. It is set to be DeLa’s biggest solo tour to date, with the star also serving as its lead producer.

It will follow her as she navigates life as “a queen looking for love,” shown to audiences “through a high-camp lens.” “DeLa meets a character that is one of those bachelorette novelty penis cups, but it comes to life and it teaches her all about the evils of the origins of the wedding industrial complex,” she explains to GAY TIMES. “It’s fun!” Audiences can expect to see DeLa meet an array of other characters along the way, including Cupid and “a whole group of gay men on an artificial reality TV show, who their sole purpose in life is to help straight women dress themselves for their wedding.” “Everything I do is very influenced by personal things in my life, but I abstract them very hard and that’s the beauty of a character like DeLa, is that she’s so over-the-top and cartoony that I can take my personal experiences and make them into something larger than life and fanciful in a way that then, I think, allows many people to relate to it,” she continues.

DeLa says that those who enjoyed her on season six or All Stars 3 will have their “itches scratched in the live experience.” Liz Nicol The queen explains that she was “very intentional on Drag Race” in terms of giving viewers a taste of “what they’ll see when they come to a live show.” She adds: “So, for instance, on season six, Michelle [Visage] was like, ‘We don’t know who you are.

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