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Fans Are Praising Pink For Giving Out 2,000 Banned Books In Florida Amid Online Backlash

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PEN America defines a school book ban "as any action taken against a book based on its content and as a result of parent or community challenges, administrative decisions, or in response to direct or threatened action by lawmakers or other governmental officials, that leads to a previously accessible book being either completely removed from availability to students, or where access to a book is restricted or diminished."The expansion of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's Parental Rights in Education Act has received backlash for related mandates that challenge a long list of books to be removed from various Florida school districts.You know you’ve hit a sore spot in a weak mind when their only argument is “she’s ugly!” “She’s fat!”. “She’s irrelevant” READ BANNED BOOKS!

GO TO @PENAMERICA TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN STOP THE BANS AND THE NONSENSEwhat’s a word stronger than mother?i wish all celebrities were as progressive as p!nk, she is motherBy addressing issues of race, LGBTQ perspectives, and censorship, she raises awareness about the importance of freedom of expression and access to varied viewpoints.

Whether one supports this idea may depend on their stance on these issues and the role they believe artists should… is awesome!

And this is another reason why. Like I always say... There still are some pretty great people in this world‼️The fact that these books are banned in the first place is abhorrent!

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