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Debbie Gibson LIVE (photo by Nick Spanos) Debbie Gibson returns to her gay club roots at MetroBall RICH LOPEZ | Staff Before Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo and other young female superstar singers/songwriters, there was always Debbie Gibson.

Gibson was already writing her own big hits back in the 1980s — hits like “Shake Your Love” and “Electric Youth” — and, although the music industry has changed since then, she’s still in the game, still doing the same but with the added advantages of wisdom and experience.

Gibson is currently on the road with her The Body Remembers Tour, the encore version. The tour supports her 2021 album of the same name, but it’s also a second go-round for the singer. “We are coming back around for this tour.

People wanted it back, and besides, I’m not done releasing singles from the album,” she said recently by phone from Las Vegas.

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