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Compassion for Sen. Feinstein shouldn’t override nation’s interests

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I have real compassion for anyone in Sen. Diane Feinstein’s situation, and for her family. As an older American myself, I pray if I reach her state of mind, I will realize it is time to let go of commitments I have made while I still have the capacity to make that decision.

Suffering from dementia is a terrible fate for the individual and their family. Feinstein is a loved family member and a beloved public servant; she has a Senate career to be proud of.

Now, however, she is not able to fulfill that role anymore. In determining what to do in Feinstein’s case, the interests of the nation must come first.

I know I will be attacked for this column. I will be called an ageist and a sexist. But fact is my position would be the same if this were a younger person and a man.

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