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Fired NY judge makes first statement since his OnlyFans account was uncovered: “Sex work is not shameful”

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A post shared by Gregory Locke (@gregoryalocke)Gregory A. Locke, the New York City judge who was fired last week after his x-rated OnlyFans and JustForFans accounts were uncovered, has issued his first statement since the incident unfolded.In it, Locke expresses disappointment that the City of New York didn’t support him, and vows to continue creating adult content.“It is disappointing that the City of New York decided to take the side of a documented bigot instead of seizing an opportunity to stand against ever-growing anti-LGBTQ+ hatred, particularly the fervent hatred toward the trans and non-binary communities,” he writes.“I remain steadfast in my insistence that my tweets, even if not polite, did not violate any ethical guidelines.”“The most vulnerable members of the queer community are fighting for their lives, and the only people offended by my tweets are those more interested in policing language than opposing policies and politics which kill.”Last week, I was fired from my job as a New York City Administrative Law Judge.

This came after a member of the City Council took issue with tweets I wrote in response to their bigoted and misguided statements about drag queens and about the queer community at large.

The Council…Locke, who worked as a city administrative law judge, is referring to his tweet directed at City Councilman Vickie Paladino, an outspoken critic of drag story hours. “Choke on a d–k,” he tweeted at her in March.The 33-year-old judge also ripped NYC mayor Eric Adams after he dismissed the idea of separating church and state. “Eric Adams can suck my c–t,” he wrote.Paladino lodged the complaint about Locke, leading to his OnlyFans page subsequently being uncovered in a New York Post hit piece.Locke.

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