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Justin Bieber’s Dad Tries To Ruin Pride Month With DISGUSTING Homophobic Tweets!

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Justin Bieber’s dad has some controversial Pride Month messages. You may have wondered where the Biebs stood on the LGBT community considering his support of the infamous Hillsong Church, which is famously anti-gay and pro-conversion therapy. Chris Pratt gets a lot of crap for being seen there one time, but Justin was best buds with one of the church leaders! (But THAT guy is a whole other story…) If you’re hoping Justin is more progressive than his ecclesiastical predilections suggest, you better pray the apple falls farther from the tree than usual.

Because his poppa is NOT cool with the gays, apparently. Related: Tyler James Williams Addresses Sexuality In Pride Month Message Jeremy Bieber took to Twitter on Wednesday to let followers know exactly where he stands on the idea of Pride Month, and boy, it is not great.

The 48-year-old shared a tasteless meme which read over a rainbow flag: Seriously?? WTF is wrong with him?! First off, the implication that LGBT folks can’t have kids is already highly insulting.

It’s 2023 ffs. Secondly, you have to have some kind of hate in your heart to blast out that kind of BS at the beginning of Pride Month — just to rain on everyone else’s parade.

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