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Log Cabin Republicans of Texas state chair announces resignation

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Marco Antonio Roberts has announced his resignation as chairman of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas. In a letter to all LCR chapters in the state, Roberts said his resignation is effective as of the end of the Log Cabin’s state board meeting Thursday, May 6.

Today (Friday, May 6) Roberts told Dallas Voice that while he doesn’t feel it is “appropriate for me to say too much about the internal matters of LCR,” he made the decision to resign because “over the last year it became clear to me that national and I were not on the same page, not so much about policy, although I would say I probably have some new concerns about that, but more about matters of governance and how policies are arrived at that claim to represent LGBT and allied conservatives and across the country.” Roberts continued, “There may have been a time when the current structure of LCR made sense, serving at a time when the political landscape was a lot more hostile to gay and trans people and anyone who support us.

But things have changed a lot in the last 45 years. I would encourage national to consider changing its national board make-up so that it becomes electorally accountable to its chapter members across the country, in the same manner that other grassroots organizations, like our allied and friendly Republican organizations are organized — like the Young Republicans, the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Republican Women’s  Federation. “In my view, that change alone would make national LCR a truly grassroots all organization all the way, not just at the state level in the two states that have elected state chairs (California and Texas) and will prevent the turmoil LCR experienced back in 2019 and would have prevented some of concerns I have today,”

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