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Parker Posey “would love” to reprise role as Jennifer Jolie in Scream 7

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Parker Posey revealed that she has pitched the return of her beloved character Jennifer Jolie to the team behind the new Scream films.

The star appeared in the slasher franchise’s third instalment, which was originally intended to be the climax of the series.

Since then, three more films have been released, with Scream 6 (officially titled Scream VI) grossing over $106 million and counting in the domestic box office – making it the franchise’s top-grossing film in the US.

During press rounds for her role in Beau is Afraid, Parker shared that she would love to reprise her role from Scream 3. “Well, I did an interview for WNYC Radio, like three weeks ago, for the play I was doing,” she told “And they said, ‘Well, there’s some people here that want to say hi.’ And it was the ‘Scream’ team.” ‘Can I just be in another dimension and come back?’ Parker then stated that she pitched them an idea of how Jennifer could appear in a future movie.

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