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Sam Smith Opens Up About Still Experiencing Homophobia: ‘I’ve Had A Few Experiences Over The Years That Haven’t Been Nice’

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Sam Smith opened up about still experiencing homophobia in an interview with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair. During their upcoming “One-on-One” special, Smith shared: “I think all queer people can vouch for that.

If it’s not blatant in the street sometimes, it’s also just in the way people talk to you. “It is still around. I’ve had a few experiences over the years in London that haven’t been nice and it’s when they happen, it’s just a reminder that I am in a successful position with my job and all this stuff, and it still happens to me. “So, just you’ve got to remember what’s happening to everyone out there.

And it’s a shame. But at the same time, things are moving forward… and we’ve got to look at the positives,” adding they tend to not read comments anymore. READ MORE: Sam Smith Is Up To Something ‘Unholy’ On The Set Of ‘And Just Like That…’ Season 2 Blair also spoke about Smith looking up to George Michael as a fellow queer artist, asking the “Stay With Me” hitmaker how it felt to also be an inspiration for people to look up to.

Smith said, “Oh my gosh, it’s a beautiful thing. And I still look to George Michael now… I mean, within my job, and the position I was in when I was in my 20s with my music… there wasn’t a lot of people to look up to, queer artists who had been through what I’d been through.” “I remember just sitting there and watching his interviews and watching the way he held himself.

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