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WATCH: A bro pretends to be his flamboyant gay twin in this fascinating Filipino comedy

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Bromance: My Brother’s Romance hit theaters in the Philippines. Did it offer a nuanced portrayal of queer life and move the conversation around representation forward in a positive direction?

No, absolutely not.But! Bromance: My Brother’s Romance was popular enough to becomes the second highest-grossing Pinoy film of 2013, so our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to check it out for ourselves.From late director Wenn V.

Deramas, the comedy—apparently based on a true story???—is about estranged twins, Brando and Brandy, who always fight and feel they have nothing in common.

Well, aside from the beautiful Erika (Cristine Reyes), who Brando has a crush on and who is BFFs with his gay brother, Brandy.But, one day, Brandy is hit by an ambulance and falls into a coma (this is a comedy, we promise!), so Brando does what any sensible identical twin would do: He impersonates his brother in an effort to pay his debts and keep his family business afloat….

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