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WATCH: Fake husbands have to keep their sham marriage straight—er, gay—in this comedic web series

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pretend to be married to keep up their cover in the Witness Protection Program.Ah, we’ve come so far!If the above scenario sounds like it was ripped right out of a sitcom, that’s because it is.

Specifically, it’s the premise of Marriage Of Inconvenience, a new comedic webseries coming to gay streaming destination Dekkoo next month.From writer-director-star Jason T.

Gaffney, the series follows the lives of Owen (Gaffney) and Franklin (David Allen Singletary), two gay men who have nothing in common—except that they’re gay.

Oh, and that they’re both in the Witness Protection Program.Due to your classic bureaucratic tomfoolery, the pair are forced to take on new identities and new lives, pretending to be a happily married couple in order to stay hidden from some shady characters who want them dead.

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