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WATCH: Matthew Camp and Nicky Monet look for the next big queer sex symbol in this raunchy new TV competition

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X-rated: NYC and the better-than-we-could’ve-ever-imagined For The Love Of DILFs, the LGBTQ+ streaming network has been on a roll lately, so it’s perfect timing for the return of one of their flagship series, Hot Haus, in which adult entertainers compete to be named “The Next Queer Sex Symbol.”Hosted by reality TV trailblazer Tiffany “New York” Pollard, the competition follows adult film performers, Onlyfans stars, and other “spicy artists” as they prove they’ve got the sex appeal and business savvy to be the best of the best.It’s our new favorite trainwreck.As you might imagine, Hot Haus really goes there with steamy challenges like sexy photoshoots, livestream cam-offs, and a race to see who can take the best feet pics.

Yes, really!But, as raunchy and ridiculous as the series can get, it’s well aware of how radical it is to be a defiantly queer and sex-positive show in this day and age, especially as anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is sweeping the nation.For proof that Hot Haus is both an act of protest and a riotous good time, look no further than the opening seconds of its season two trailer:A post shared by Tiffany Pollard (@tiffany_hbic_pollard)“This year alone, over 300 anti-queer laws have been written and passed,” Pollard reminds us in a somber tone. “What they’re aiming to do is erase queerness.”“We’re proud of who we are,” she continues. “And, yes, I’m queer, too—no one can eat a p***y like me.”Oh New York, never change!As contestants compete for the title and the $25,000 grand prize, they’ll be judged be prolific gay adult film star Matthew Camp and trans icon Nicky Monet, with special guest judges each episode, including Boomer Banks, Stormy Daniels, and RuPaul’s Drag Race alum/Queerty favorite Willam.“All drag is.

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