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What makes an effective Grindr profile? These guys say…

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Feeling ground down by Grindr? Perhaps you’re due for a profile refresh.On the r/AskGayMen subreddit, one user said solicited tips for making a Grindr profile, reporting being “not great with this stuff.”“I know what to do with pictures, but what about the actual writing part?

I don’t know what would be too much or too little.”And Reddit users have been offering Grindr tips for years now, as seen on this thread and this one.Here are some of the top pointers from Grindr users, lightly massaged for grammar and brevity…“Just state what you’re looking for and whether you prefer to host or travel.

Add any preferences—positive statements only. ‘Looking to top. Can host. I prefer smooth but am open to all types. Condoms mandatory.’”“The single most important thing you need to do is write a profile that within two or three sentences explains what you are looking for, makes a little mention about what you have to offer, and does not under any circumstances [say] what you do not want.

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