‘Am I OK?’ Film Review: Dakota Johnson Questions a Few Shades of Sexuality in Warmhearted Buddy Comedy

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awesome,” she says, in a doomed attempt to sublimate her own fear while sharing her bestie’s excitement. And when Jane is hurt by Lucy’s withdrawal, her boyfriend (Jermaine Fowler, “Coming 2 America”) offers the kind of thoughtful advice we’d all want from our significant others.So it does feel a bit jarring when characters around them are sketched more as a symbols or even caricatures.

Jane’s boss (Sean Hayes) is wacky and out of touch; her colleague Kat (Molly Gordon, “Shiva Baby”) is wacky and trend-obsessed.

Lucy’s first potential girlfriend, Brit (Kiersey Clemons), comes on so strong so fast that she feels two-dimensional, and the appealing Clemons underused.That said, there’s a charming and relatable dramedy around the more unsettled approaches to Lucy’s life. (There’s also a funny one, as is evidenced by Notaro’s laugh-out-loud cameo as the owner of a hammock-based emotional retreat.) And the movie looks great, thanks to smart use of LA locales, sharp editing from Kayla Emter (“Hustlers”), and lovely, crisp cinematography from Cristina Dunlap (who also shot Johnson’s other Sundance entry, “Cha Cha Real Smooth”).But the movie doesn’t fully relax into itself until Lucy finally finds her footing, towards the end.

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