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And they call Dems ‘groomers’

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Ohio House Republicans pass bill allowing nearly anyone to demand a ‘genital inspection’ of anyone playing girls’ sports in schools In the United States the call for meaningful gun violence prevention is louder than ever.

People are tired of mass shootings every day; they want their kids to go to school and then come home alive. And Republicans are responding to the deadly gun violence epidemic just as you’d expect them to: by demanding to see the genitals of transgender kids.

Ohio House Republicans have passed a bill that allows just about anybody to demand a “genital check” of any kid playing girls’ sports if said kid is suspected of being transgender.

They passed it on the first day of Pride Month. I wish that I were making this up. Called the “Save Women’s Sports Act” (barf), the Republicans were so proud of it that they bravely tacked it onto an unrelated bill at 11 p.m.

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