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Gay influencer victim of violent attack in Cork City

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Irish Examiner, An Garda Siochána stated that two men were arrested on the night of the attack, though there was no record of an assault being reported at the location.

According to David Babington, the two men were detained overnight because they were under the influence.Babington shared a video on Instagram, with a clearly visible dark-coloured swollen eye, saying: “To be a 43-year-old man and have to face this… to be gay-bashed at 43 in Cork City… is something I had never anticipated would have happened to me again”.Babington then disputed claims of a “different Ireland”, stating that “This is the Ireland that we’re in” and pointing at his bruised face as proof. “I feel completely numb,” he added, explaining how he had been contacted by “almost every radio station in Ireland” but had refused to speak to the media about the assault due to feeling “too raw and vulnerable” to speak.Guy beaten up on the street in Cork because he's gay.

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