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STUDY: States that are horniest for OnlyFans also want to ban adult content & erase LGBTQ+ people

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the 10 with the highest HIV rates with an “H,” and states with laws forbidding LGBTQ+ content in schools with an “L.”You’ll notice that five of the seven southern states above have laws restricting adult content.

You’ll also notice that all seven have the highest rates of HIV in the United States, and five of the ten have laws forbidding LGBTQ+ content in schools.Why does this matter?

They’re all likely connected.At least two studies have found that Google searches for sexually explicit terms tend to be higher in states with higher percentages of religious and political conservatives, like red states.While it’s hilarious to think of red states as hypocritically seeking out sexy OnlyFans content, it could also be that their citizens are seeking it out precisely because they live in prudish socio-political climates that demonize adult content as “immoral” or “unhealthy.”This anti-sex attitude is undoubtedly behind five of these states banning LGBTQ+ content in schools through so-called “No Promo Homo” or “Don’t Say Gay” laws, as well.

The lack of education about sexuality and sexual health likely also contributes to them having the highest HIV rates in the nation.Recently, five of the states that are hottest for OnlyFans on Twitter have tried restricting explicit adult content.Georgia legislators tried to ban the production or distribution of adult content, but a state constitutional court judge recently ruled the law was too vague to be enforced (giving them until May 2023 to clarify it).

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