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Gay MAGA clown Brandon Straka is winning so hard, even his Trump-appointed judge can’t stand him

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Gay insurrectionist Brandon Straka lost support even among some Trump fans after court documents were accidentally released that revealed the extent in which he cooperated with the FBI’s investigation into January 6 in exchange for a plea deal.

Now a Trump-appointed federal judge is also thoroughly irritated with Straka, and he seems perfectly willing to revisit the deal altogether.During a hearing to address the release of Straka’s sealed cooperation agreement, U.S.

District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich condemned Straka’s post-sentence behavior.“He’s losing more and more credibility by the moment,” Friedrich said, referencing Straka’s public comments about his role in the Jan.

6 riot that are “inconsistent” with what he previously stated in court.Friedrich said Straka could face serious consequences for potentially lying to investigators.Related: Gay Trumper Brandon Straka freaks out after docs detailing his cooperation with FBI accidentally leak“What he needs to appreciate is he is potentially incriminating himself for [18 U.S.

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