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Hottest Shorts + Sweaty Jock + Alicia Silverstone Goes Full Anti-Vaxxer + CNN's Chris Licht OUT + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: The immortal Reg Park! Also, his son is GULP: BELOW: Hot shorts, hot singlets, some hot takes and Chris Licht gone in a hot minute ...

His crotch is where 1979 meets 1980. (Image via Charlie by MZ) CHARLIE BY MZ: Charlie has the best aesthetic. MEDIA MATTERS: Chris Licht, who destroyed CNN's credibility as a news organization in record time (just over a year, but the very recent shift in tone was much faster), is leaving.

Too late? INSTAGRAM: Nutty Alicia Silverstone, who used to feed her kid via her mouth, has endorsed conspiracy theorist RFK Jr., whose sole reason for running is that he is anti-vax. (And whose backers have him running to try to hand the presidency to the GOP.) Despicable.

I don't see how you can be a progressive and back RFK Jr. KTLA: Even in L.A., there was some question as to whether the Unified School District would back a proposal in support of LGBTQ+ people this month.

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