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How trans strip nights are creating their own spaces everywhere

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In the US and abroad, what happens at queer strips nights like THIRST stays at queer strip nights… unless it doesn’t. Words by Han Schneider Photography by Justin J.

Wee  Depending on who you are, the first things that come to mind about an average night out at a strip club likely aren’t “Blood!

Dancing! Rope!” But that’s exactly what one flier for THIRST promises. The monthly queer-trans strip night produced by Juno Stardust and Mars Hobrecker is not your average strip show: pleaser boots with lit sparklers attached to the heels, ballroom performers, lap dances from a dancer wearing a strap-on, and shibari performers.

But the true essence of the night is fostered by the performers and their audiences — if you can get a ticket before they sell out.

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