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“I would f*ck them”: Drag Race star Xunami Muse on her relationship with Plane Jane

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Xunami Muse has spoken out about her exit from Drag Race season 16, who she should have portrayed in the Snatch Game and whether she is really going on a meet-cute with Plane Jane.

In the latest episode of Drag Race, the nine remaining queens went head-to-head in the staple challenge Snatch Game, to showcase their best celebrity impressions.

A game that has historically been notorious for shaking up the ranking of the queens. The queens, and the stars they impersonated, were as follows: Dawn as Meghan McCian; Mhi’ya Iman LePaige as Trina’s (fake) cousin Shaquita; Morphine Love Dion as Anna Sorokin/Delvey; Nymphia Wind as Jane Goodall; Plane Jane as Jelena Karleuša; Plasma as Patti LuPone; Q as Amelia Earnhart; Sapphira Cristal as James Brown; and Xunami Muse as the Gold Tooth Fairy (again, a fake character).

However, Xunami has now revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she “should’ve gone with something” else: “Looking back, I would’ve definitely done Celia Cruz.

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