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Is life harder for a bottom than for a top? Redditors say…

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Is it easier to give than to receive? Depends on the gay you ask. A spirited debate in the r/AskGayMen forum indicates there’s no consensus on whether tops or bottoms have an easier time of it.One Reddit user kicked off the discussion by asking if other people agree that being a bottom is tougher than being a top. “Like, you can’t eat spicy food, you need to fast, you need to be clean AF before having sex, etc.,” that user added.Many commenters informed that original poster that there’s no need for fasting and other diet restrictions, and some tops on the thread indicated that, you know, sh*t happens and that’s OK.But otherwise, there wasn’t much common ground in the comment section.

Here’s a selection of responses from the yeas, nays, and undecideds, edited for clarity.“Easily. A lot of work goes onto preparation.

Food, cleaning, loosening, etc. Of course, all the actual sex part is usually shared toughness, but then you also have after-care.

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