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Is Sam Smith rude at gay bars? Why are Tom Daley and Dustin back in NYC?

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Lady Gaga, and beyond.I also ran across a Facebook post reading Sam for alleging using Kim Petras as a duetting partner to gain points, but I just don’t see that either.

Duetting with a trans singer has never been the road to instant chart success and a Grammy, and even with today’s increased visibility, it was far from a guaranteed slam dunk.

I didn’t see the duet as anyone “using” anyone; it was mutually beneficial. While I don’t always worship Sam’s music, I feel we should try to avoid petty arguments designed to bring them down a notch.Most notably, a drag performer/activist posted on Facebook: “Dear Sam Smith: You can’t ask for support from your community if you are not going to support your community.

Coming to local bars and being standoffish. Not tipping the drag performers or the bartenders! I have witnessed this in 3 different bars.”The star says he’s been harassed on the street before.Many commenters agreed that that’s what they’d experienced or heard about the “Unholy” singer.

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