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Aye-aye, captain: Ranking the 9 hottest Captain Hooks from film and TV

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Peter Pan & Wendy on Disney+.Here, the fearsome Captain Hook is played by silver screen heartthrob Jude Law under a big, ratty, grey wig and some crusty makeup, further complicating our feelings for the villain.

Are we supposed to think Hook is hot, or not?Over the decades, it seems different filmmakers have wildly different ideas about that very question, which inspired us to take a deep dive investigation into the character’s past.

And with that, we present to you: A look back at some of our most notable live-action Captain Hooks, ranking them from “would feed them to a crocodile without a second thought” to “would gladly spend all night in their Captain’s Quarters, if you know what we mean.”View Full PostSteven Spielberg’s big budget take on Neverland was (Peter) panned by critics, which we’ll go ahead and attribute to the fact that Hoffman is not appealing whatsoever as Hook.

In fact, the actor’s sniveling, garish approach to the pirate is what makes this family-friendly adventure proper nightmare fuel.View Full PostThe first official adaptation of Barrie’s work was this black-and-white silent film, which by its nature cast actors for their expressive features more than anything else.

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