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Joe Rogan Weighs In on Bud Light Controversy

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The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and his guest, comedian Sam Tallent, opened up a can of Bud Light each and joked about being "allies" as they proposed a toast."Here's my take," Rogan began. "What they're doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people.

Why, if something is good, do you give a f*** who's got it?" Rogan then asked if people would react the same way if Antifa got into cheesecake, would people boycott the cheesecake factory?Tallent joked that if ISIS got into bear claw donuts, he'd still eat bear claw donuts.However, there is one aspect of the boycott that Rogan did enjoy."On the other hand, I loved Kid Rock's video.

I love that kind of thinking. Not even that I agree with it. I like wild people. I like a dude who takes a machine gun to a stack of Bud Lights, is like 'f*** Anheuser Busch.' But I mean, Where's he gonna go now?

You're gonna go to Coors Light. Don't they all support LBGTQ+?" Rogan asked.Earlier in April, Mulvaney, a transgender influencer and actress who has publicly documented her gender transformation, received personalized cans of Bud Light with her face printed on them.

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