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Kevin Bacon Hopes They/Them Can Inspire LGBTQ+ Kids in Conservative US

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Gladiator, The Aviator, Penny Dreadful), the Peacock original film They/Them tells the story of a group of LGBTQ+ kids being sent away to a conversion camp.The list of LGBTQ+ characters entering this conversion camp includes Jordan (Theo Germaine), Veronica (Monique Kim), Stu (Cooper Koch), Alexandra (Quei Tann), Toby (Austin Crute), Kim (Anna Lore), and Gabriel (Darwen Del Fabrio).

Running the place is Owen Whistler (played by Kevin Bacon), who promises the group that this camp isn’t as scary as they might think it is.But this is, afterall, a horror movie, so everyone is a suspect.

In real life, however, Bacon is all ally.During an exclusive interview with PRIDE, Bacon talked about his hopes that this movie can inspire queer children in conservative parts of the United States to see themselves represented in They/Them.

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