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Laura Ingraham’s gay brother trolls his “lying sister” over Fox’s historic $787M settlement with Dominion

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787,500,000.00–in damages yesterday after the election technology company sued the right-wing propaganda network for defamation over the lies it peddled surrounding Trump’s 2020 election loss.Politico called the settlement a “historic rebuke for the influential conservative media outlet” but was likely done to spare the company from “weeks of embarrassing testimony that would have put the widespread internal dysfunction at Fox News on full public display.”But why was the Attorney General of the United States taking personal calls from a Fox News anchor to begin with?But if you tuned into Laura Ingraham‘s show last night, you would’ve had absolutely no idea that her employer had just caved in one of the largest media defamation settlements in history.Instead, Ingraham, who, BTW, was on the witness list in the Dominion lawsuit, spent last night’s show pushing even more lies about what she calls the “Biden Family Crime Organization”, which allegedly involves clandestine business dealings overseas that have benefited every single member of the president’s family, including his dog.One person who wasn’t standing for her crap was her gay brother, Curtis, who took to Twitter this morning to remind everyone that his baby sister is a lying, hateful, shameless P.O.S.

Curtis Ingraham strikes again!“My lying sister continues to foment,” he tweeted. “Even after Fox’s $800 million defamation settlement, the propaganda machine keeps humming along.

This is what zero ethics and a lack of shame looks like.”OOF. We would not want to be a guest at this family’s Thanksgiving holiday dinner. (Actually, we would.)My lying sister continues to foment.

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