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Lauren Boebert explains why her husband exposed himself in bowling alley

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My American Life. The Washington Examiner got hold of a copy and has printed some extracts. They touch upon Boebert’s brushes with the law, of which there have been several.Firstly, there was that incident in a bowling alley in 2004.Lauren is known to have been hanging out with her future husband by the time she was 17.

At around this time, Jayson Steven Boebert pleaded guilty to charges of “public indecency and lewd exposure“, after an incident at Fireside Lane in Colorado in which he reportedly took his penis out of his pants to show off a tattoo to two young women.Lauren was also present at the time.

Jayson was sentenced to four days in jail and a subsequent two years on probation.Related: Lauren Boebert tries to take the moral high ground.

Fails miserably.According to this report from Salon last year, Garfield County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the bowling alley after being called by the venue’s owner, Larry McCown.

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