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Levi's Under Fire Over 'Woke' Campaign—'Make Jeans, Ignore Genes?'

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widespread boycotts of brands that have collaborated with LGBTQ people.In the clip, Jesus, who is described as a designer and vintage curator, is shown wearing a denim dress and rollneck sweater, while saying: "I was always obsessed with the women in my life.

The way that what they did was for themselves."Matia, who is described in the minute-long video as a fashion lover, says: "I feel a lot more freedom when I include more masculine elements into my style.""Whatever feels the most natural is what anyone should be doing," adds Jesus regarding fashion. "It's an amazing time to be able to express yourself in a very personal style.

It's a time where we're all really free to express ourselves how we want to."The campaign has now angered a number of conservatives, who have already vowed to step away from a range of brands including Bud Light, Starbucks, Target, Nike and Adidas for campaigns and collaborations featuring LGBTQ people."Another woke company @LEVIS," wrote one Twitter user who shared a clip of the company's campaign on the platform. "Levi's Follows Bud Light And Adidas In Woke Propaganda Campaigns. 'Make jeans—ignore genes?'"Another woke company @LEVIS Levi's Follows BudLight And Adidas In Woke Propaganda Campaigns"Make jeans - ignore genes?" pic.twitter.com/Fz1wCplLUa"I will never wear a pair of Levi's again," vowed another detractor. "Growing up I had cords in every color they made!"One Twitter user went as far as calling the campaign "disgusting," while another commented: "Oh no...I am a Levi's person and this ticks me off.

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