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Noah J. Ricketts offers a shining example of a queer actor proudly stepping into the spotlight

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Fellow Travelers to Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby on Broadway, Noah J. Ricketts has become quite the time traveler, playing period piece perfection.In Fellow Travelers, Ricketts was a scene-stealer as Frankie, a drag artist who was part of the group of gay men which the Showtime series followed from the 1950s Lavender Scare, through the emergence of HIV/AIDS in the ‘80s.A post shared by Noah J.

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Ricketts (@noahjrkts)Previously, Ricketts had appeared in other series like High Fidelity and American Gods, but Fellow Travelers was the first time he would be playing a drag queen, a moment he recalled while on The Drew Barrymore Show with the rest of the Fellow Travelers cast.“It was pretty wild.

The first time I was in full drag was the day of my screen test,” Ricketts told Drew Barrymore Show co-host, Ross Mathews. “I remember walking down the hallway to the set and I had been in makeup and hair for so long, I totally forgot what I looked like.”He continued, “So I’m walking, and my heels are clacking on the ground, and all of a sudden everything stops and everyone looks at me.

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