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Outer Range's Tamara Podemski Takes On the American West

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Outer Range — and Indigenous Canadian actor Tamara Podemski has been preparing for that discussion her entire career.“I think we’re doing something new here,” she told The Advocate about the upcoming thriller from creator and executive producer Brian Watkins and Plan B Entertainment. “The Western is in great need of a recontextualization.”Outer Range centers on a feud between Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), an old-fashioned rancher whose family has owned their Wyoming property for generations, and power-hungry, capitalistic Wayne Tillerson (Yellowstone’s Will Patton), who is obsessed with claiming the Abbotts' west pasture for himself.

The story takes a supernatural turn when a fathomless black void appears on Roy's land, and people start to report disappearances and mysterious sightings.

Swinging between dark and weirdly funny, the show combines a classic Neo-Western with mind-bending visions about the mysteries of the universe.Podemski plays Deputy Sheriff Joy Hawk, the first gay Native American in Wyoming to become acting sheriff; but she's facing an election that could replace her with yet another white man, no matter how good she is at her job.

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