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Republican Candidate's 'Don't Be Weak and Gay' Message Sparks Fury

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Republican candidate has sparked anger and mockery after releasing a video telling people not to be gay.The short video, posted on social media, shows Missouri secretary of state hopeful Valentina Gomez speaking to the camera while jogging in a bulletproof jacket.

The video contains some swearing."In America, you can be anything you want. So don't be weak and gay," Gomez says.The video then flashes briefly to an image of Gomez holding a rifle and a handgun.Gomez's post sparked fury on social media, with many responding by subverting the phrase to "be strong and gay."A social media user wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "Yes, be strong and gay.

And when weak people like Ms. Gomez try to make you feel weak, I'll stand strong and straight with you instead of being weak and straight and pathetic like these bigoted losers who wish they were as hot as you."One called the message hateful, while another ridiculed Gomez for relaying her message while jogging in "hot pants and a bulletproof vest.

Peak #Idiocracy achievement unlocked."Others responded sardonically, saying the phrase was accidentally humorous.One social media user said that as a campaign slogan it is "the funniest s*** I ever heard.""Unfortunately, 'Don't be weak and gay.

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