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Robin Roberts Returns to Good Morning America

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Good Morning America. This also marks the completion of her partner’s, Amber Laign, chemotherapy for breast cancer.She made the announcement on Instagram on Sunday.

In a post of a picture of her dog, she captioned it, “It's time to leave our happy place.”Roberts continued, “Sweet Amber & I are thankful for the time we had to reflect, recharge and rejoice!” The out GMA anchor stepped away from hosting duties back in February in order to support Laign after her diagnosis.

Roberts is a survivor, herself. She overcame breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2007, and then, in 2012, she received a bone marrow transplant from her sister for myelodysplastic syndrome.During Roberts's last show before temporarily leaving to support her partner, she said, “She [Amber] and I have been together almost 17 years and have helped each other through our challenges like my journey with cancer.

It's my turn now to be there for her like she was for me."Laign fought hard on her journey; in April, her treatment was suspended due to “complications with chemotherapy.” But on July 18th, Roberts posted a video on Instagram of Amber ringing the ceremonial cancer bell three times at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, signifying the end of her treatment.In the video, Amber says, “My treatment is done, the course is run and I am on my way.” The video was captioned “Sweet Amber completing radiation, a very important phase of her treatment!"As Laign begins the recovery process, Roberts officially has made her return on Good Morning America with her “Glam Fam.” In the clip from the show she posted on Instagram, she motivated her audience by saying, “We feel we're being left out and need to make things happen.

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