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Rory Culkin’s unexpected full-frontal scene in ‘Swarm’ is causing quite a few jump-scares

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Swarm that sure has the internet hive mind talking.From short short aficionado Donald Glover and Atlanta writer Janine Nabers, Swarm is the story of Dre (the incredible Domininque Fishback), a young woman who obsessively idolizes a pop star named Ni’Jah—a fandom so intense that consumes her life, taking her to some dark, horrifying places.The fact that Ni’Jah’s fan base is known as “The Swarm” should be your first tip off that the series is not really hiding its inspirations: Beyonce and her devoted Bey Hive, but also the broader notion of modern stan culture and the often chilling behavior it can encourage in otherwise normal people.Suffice it to say, Swarm has garnered a lot of attention online, with folks binging its addictive seven-episode season and registering their shock at each new twist and turn of the narrative.But one of the series’ earliest gasp-inducing moments isn’t so much a twist as it is….

a curve, shall we say.After Ni’Jah drops a fire new visual album about her cheating man (sound familiar?), Dre feels empowered and hits the clubs.

There she meets a young man, and the two begin to dance.With his long hair, striking eyes, and sharp bone structure, Rory Culkin—brother to Macauly, known for films like Scream 4 and Signs—is immediately clock-able in the role.

But, given his penchant for characters that are either nerdy or scary (or both—hello Scream 4), what happens next is pretty shocking.Because you just can’t have enough.We smash-cut from the club to the cold light of the next morning as Dre wakes up in a strange bed.

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